#meetlilarao – A story about Soulmates

I don’t know how to begin talking about Lila Rao without full on crying. This is my 6th au pair so by now, I thought I would have seen the best of everything the au pair program has to offer, but rather, I am in awe of this amazing woman and what she has done for us!

Lucia is truly my soulmate and I don’t say that lightly. In fact, I believe that soulmates are people who see you for exactly who you are and also kindle the fire within, to help you realize your very best self. That is who she is for me and I am eternally grateful. Lucia has only been with us for 4 months, but in that time, she has cemented herself into our lives forever!

Here is what our days look like without any embellishment: She wakes up every morning smiling and gently wakes the kids up like a Disney Princess singing songs and gliding down the stairs with three sleepy kids in tow. She whispers encouraging words about the amazing things they will learn like fresh breeze as they eat their piping hot breakfasts and you can see that she is working her way up to a full on dance show as they brush their teeth and put on their shoes. She has unwavering patience with the millions of questions they ask for the entire school drop-off and always leaves a few minutes for carpool karaoke. My kids start each morning with so much love that she ensures their day will be amazing.

She takes their bike or scooters to the bus stop so they can race home and eat a beautiful masterpiece for snack time. “Presentation is everything!” are the exact words I hear when I see the kids eat rabbits made of carrots, flowers made out of strawberries, or cats made out of apples. Every day is an adventure and she continually adds to her book of ideas on what to do with the kids. When I get home, it’s always warm and filled with love and laughter. She makes giant tents, takes them on nature hikes, plans out scavenger hunts, built a garden, created a puppet theater, OH! all the crafts, decorates the entire living room when it is anyone’s birthday, made mini terrariums, pretends to be the tooth fairy, takes a million videos when I am out of town, teaches them Spanish, cooks amazing Argentinian food, and allows the kids to topple her over every day. She gives them a bath, acts out stories, creates games before bedtime, and tucks each kid as if he/she was the only kid that existed.

She spends her free time inspiring the people and keeps me company every morning as we “watch our fat burn!” to Spanish exercise videos! She attends school plays, birthday parties so I am not alone (!), watches movies and passes the popcorn. She shares her blanket, her food, and her heart every second. She even agreed to do a crazy Cultural Care instagram takeover with me! She is the first person I smile at every morning the last person I hug at night. It is amazing how much appreciation you can have for someone who loves your children like their own, and it’s even more incredible that she actually enjoys doing the things I don’t! She wants to be covered in dirt and chalk at the end of the day. She feels most beautiful when the kids paint her face or do her hair. She is happiest when we are all together regardless of how loud it is and how many times we spill our cups on the table. Every day I am blessed to have her, but everyday she chooses us with a purpose!

This is who you want in your life because it’s not about making a family complete, or a person who was always missing from our life, she is pure magic. She is the umbrella in our family storm, the ringleader in our circus of monkeys, and our sherpa as we climb every mountain. She reminds each kid that they are incredible and reminds me that I am loved, too! She makes our family worth loving everyday from Texas all the way to Argentina.

Tuesday, 15 January 2019 4:56 PM


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