Tip of the Month – Household Duties

I talk to a lot of families… A LOT! All over the country, and I feel that although all families are different, and all states definitely have their own little mini-cultures, one thing is the same… people who host au pairs understand that this is always more than just childcare. We just picked our 5th(!) au pair this past month and couldn’t be more excited or grateful! She is lovely and certainly does not sit down, but one thing I appreciate the most are the small things she does around the house!

Compliance: Au pairs can be responsible for tidying up after the kiddos, the laundry for the children, changing bedsheets, certainly preparing meals for kids, and washing the dishes (or millions of spoons!) that your children use everyday!

Tip: I like to stress that au pairs are not meant to be housekeepers! Certainly, cleaning up after the kids may be a given, but they should never be responsible for cleaning up after everyone! Have clear guidelines to help keep things organized and mess free, and outline these tasks in particular. Do you have a chore chart for your kiddos? How about for your au pair?

I do love clean countertops and an empty sink, but more than anything, it’s great to have another person who looks out for your kiddos the way you would, or in some cases, better! (My au pairs have always done things with the kids that I wouldn’t dream of doing because although it would be a great experience, Momma has no time for the clean up that is involved!)

Saturday, 14 April 2018 12:37 AM


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