April News – 2018

April, a time when the flowers are starting the bloom, we are done with the gloom (hopefully… Arjun asked me if it has already been 6 weeks since we saw the groundhog… sorry buddy… it’s way past…), and our spring cleaning is starting to be a top item on our weekend to-do lists! Never fear… Fiesta is NEAR!
What are your plans for our city wide celebration of life, love, culture, music, art, and friendship?

Wherever your adventures may take you, I hope that you are all safe! I think by now, everyone knows how I feel about memories and creating meaningful relationships with my kiddos, but trust me, it’s easier to hawk this stuff out than it is to put in practice!! Every day is a new day to be a role model for someone! Right?!

This year, with Easter and the FINAL FOUR kicking off our April, the sounds of cascarones cracking, happy faces with colorful headbands, and the amazing festivals, it’s easy to find happiness all around us!  To all of my au pairs and host families, I wish you the very best Fiesta Season! In San Antonio’s 300th birth year, it is sure to be impressive. Scroll down for a list of Fiesta events celebrated throughout the city and of course, some of my favorites!

ps. I was so happy to see so many of you celebrating at #jamfest! I took my kiddos and our new au pair (don’t worry, there will be a blog post about her amazingness next month) to see Maroon 5 last night! Love that San Antonio was able to host people from all over the world! Maybe I will see some of my favorite Host Families at the game tonight!

Tuesday, 3 April 2018 12:12 AM


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