Interviewing a Rematch Au Pair

Whether you just lost your amazing au pair, an au pair who didn’t work out, or you are on a time crunch for looking for childcare, you may find yourself interviewing au pairs that are already in the country! Au pairs are in the rematch pool for a variety of different reasons. Just because they are in rematch, doesn’t mean that they are “bad au pairs,” in fact, they might be the perfect match for you! Fortunately, when you are interviewing au pairs who are already in the country and have parted ways with their current family, our agency is very transparent as to why the au pair is in rematch.

Going through a transition is hard, so I suggest checking out this post to see if you can do something to improve your relationship, but if it’s time to move on, then looking at an in-country au pair may be the Mary Poppins you are looking for! Before you start your search, take a look inward to see if there are things that you can improve upon in your family and the way you either interview, train, or treat your au pairs. Once you have checked those things off your list, I can guarantee you will have a better match the second time around.

Here are some helpful questions you may want to ask every au pair, regardless of whether they are in rematch! With an au pair that is already in the country, there are a few things that make it easier when you are interviewing. For example, they already have experienced the culture shock and are potentially more acclimated to the American lifestyle. They may also be driving and have a driver’s license. They are already used to the concept of schedules whether it is a split schedule because your kiddos are in school, or if it’s more of a 8 to 5 schedule. They may also have been doing many household duties like laundry, folding sheets, making beds, and have experience with packing lunches, or knowing what foods are appropriate. I matched with one au pair who know what Eggos, Poptarts, and Handi-snacks were! Which is great! Here are a few things to consider…

Tell me about why you chose to rematch?

Even though it didn’t work out, what things did you most enjoy with your host family?

What activities were your least favorite?

What things did you struggle with?

Tell me about your typical day? What did you eat everyday?

What did you do during your free time? Do you spend much of it at home, with your host family, with your friends?

What rules were you asked to follow with your current host family?

What have you learned about the type of family you would like to match with?

What is your relationship with your host kids?

What is your relationship like now with your host family?

Have you experienced any homesickness?

What is your typical schedule like with your current host family?

In what ways is your host family different or are you different than when you first matched with them?

What drew you to match with them initially?

How many other families are you talking to you? What do you like about the other families?

How do you feel about living in my city?

How long have you been driving for your host family? Need more questions about driving, click here.

Do you have a driver’s license?

How many days of vacation of you taken? Do you have plans for the remaining days?

Have you taken courses for your education component? Do you have a class in mind?

What is something you would like to change about yourself after having this experience?

What is most important to you in a new host family?

Did you have a schedule written out? Family Manual?

How do you feel about saying goodbye to your host kids? Will you miss them?

How does your natural family feel about you being in rematch? Are you close with them?

There are so many different things to consider when talking to a rematch au pair. The interviews themselves may go a lot easier, but keep in mind that my method for interviewing still holds true, even when speaking to an in country au pair! I hope this helps as you embark on a new adventure. Remember, there is always a great au pair out there for your family!

Thanks for reading! xo, pooja

Thursday, 15 March 2018 7:34 PM


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