Our Little Road Test

For our Family, the best way for us to gauge whether our au pair is to venture off on her own all over town is to have our own little Driver’s Test! We have a little spreadsheet in our manual that has about 15 different spots in the city! The first column is the Name of the place, second column is the address, and the third column says why we are asking her to drive there/or a short description!

Of course, the first few days, we drive with our au pair and get her up to speed. But, once we have assessed that she is good to go, we still ask that she does this little driving test! Please do not participate in this part if you don’t feel comfortable doing so, it’s just a suggestion that has worked for our family!

First things on the list are the most important and are required for her au pair duties!

The Kids’ Schools

The Grocery Store & Gas Station


Swim Class


Math & Reading After school Program

Dance Class

The Next set are places that she might enjoy going children, alone, or with her own friends!

The Movie Theater

The Mall – Cheesecake Factory

Historical Landmark


Amusement Park/Kid Park

The Farmer’s Market


Then I ask for things that she may have to take the kids to in an Emergency or Miscellaneous places:

The Bank

Pediatrician’s Office

Dentist’s Office

The Rules of our game are pretty easy! The au pair needs to print it out or save it to her phone. She must to do the driving alone, but can have a friend sit with her while she drives. She must take a selfie at this location! Once she has completed a certain location, she is now free to drive there with my kiddos or during her free time! Once the entire test is complete, I feel that she has mastered all of the quirks and parts of the city, so she is free to roam!

**I do cover the cost of gas for the driving test, but afterwards, for those places that she drives to for fun, she is on her own and should fill up the tank with what she used!**


Thanks for reading! xo, pooja



** This is part of a series on creating a Family Manual for a successful year of hosting an au pair. For more posts by Pooja Palimar like this one, please visit the Family Manual tab to the right.

Thursday, 15 February 2018 5:49 PM


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