Au Pair Packing Checklist!

Traveling to a new country and starting a new adventure can always be tricky! It may be difficult to say goodbye to your family and friends, but rest assured, your host family is really excited to meet you and welcome you into their home! For all the general items to remember, you can always visit this post! But for a detailed checklist of all the items you shouldn’t leave home without, read my Monster List below! Remember to check with your airlines to see your weight restrictions, and how many pieces you are allowed to travel with. At this time, all travelers connecting, originating, or disembarking in many Middle Eastern countries are no longer allowed to hand carry a laptop. PLEASE make sure to see the restrictions for your airlines BEFORE you travel! (You might also want to see how much excess baggage fees and other charges are so that you can plan accordingly!)

Get Ready!

Jeans: Bring at least 2 pairs so that you can wash one set and still have one set that are clean.

T-shirts/Tank tops: No one can have enough t-shirts but try to stick with about 10. See if you can also add in a few long sleeve t-shirts in case the house is cold or it’s a little cooler one day.

Cardigan or spring sweater: This is easy to layer on to clothes you have already packed.

Semi-formal dress: In case your family invites you to a special dinner or party, make sure you have at least one nice dress. Try to stay away from dresses that are too short or too revealing, like a low cut neckline that will show off your breasts!

Trainers/Sneakers/Tennis shoes: These gym shoes are great for your tour of New York City, but these types of shoes are also fairly expensive here, so it’s best to bring them with you.

Flip-Flops/Sandals: In warmer climate, it’s great to have a pair of flip-flops. They are easy to pack and won’t take up a lot of space. It’s also great for going to the pool or running quick errands.

Jacket: Depending on your area, you will want to bring a jacket of some kind. I would stay away from super large or really heavy winter coats (unless you are traveling to the US during the winter) as they take a lot of space in your suitcase.

Winter Clothing: Scarf, pair of mittens or gloves, and a hat.

Underwear/Undergarments: Bring at least 10 pairs! Underwear should be worn and washed everyday. You may want to also bring a sports bra!

Socks: Maybe three or four pairs. If you wear socks every night to bed, you might want to bring 5, but otherwise, this should be enough for the first few weeks.

Pants/Leggings/Shorts: If you wear things other than jeans, you may want to bring other pants. The same goes for leggings and shorts. Just one or two should be fine. Make sure that your but is covered in your shorts. Leggings are most likely the best option since it’s easy to move in them and easy to work with kids when you are playing on the floor or in the park.

Swimsuit: Make sure that if you bring a swimsuit, the bottom of the swim suit covers your ENTIRE butt. It is inappropriate to wear thong bikinis while you are with your host family. My recommendation is to always bring a one piece bathing suit. If you would like to bring a bikini also, make sure that it is approapitate to wear in front of your host family, and their extended family. You do not want to give Grandpa a heart attack! 🙂

Pajamas: Bring two sets of pajamas. Whether you wear a large tshirt, pants, shorts, whatever it may be! Having comfy pajamas is a great way to feel comfortable on the first night in your new bed!

Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Hair brush/Comb

Make-up and other Cosmetics: I would just pack the basics if you wear make up. A foundation or powder, one blush, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, and a lip stick. You will definitely purchase more make-up while you are here so I wouldn’t bring your entire stash, unless you really love make-up and wear it often!

Face wash or Make-up Remover: You don’t have to bring a large one, but until you get comfortable purchasing these things on your own, you should bring enough for the first two weeks.

Deodorant: Please pack deodorant and use deoderant. This is a huge cultural change perhaps, but in the United States, everyone wears deoderant.

Lip balm/Chapstick: Just one tube for the plane and every day use.

Feminine Hygiene Products: I will include birth control and sanitary napkins or tampons in this list. Just a few will be fine as you can purchase these here as well.

Glasses/Contacts: If you wear glasses, please bring an extra pair. The same goes for contacts. If you are able to bring a year’s supply of contact lenses, it would be in your best interest to do that. Contact solution can easily be purchased over the counter here. Please make sure that your solution is readily available as there are many brands but we may not have that exact type here.

All prescription medications: If you take medication daily (not vitamins) then please make sure to being the year’s supply. Check out the blog post on American Medications so you know which ones are available and are inexpensive to purchase here!

Razor: It might be helpful to throw a little razor in your bag in case you will need one. These can also be purchased here so you wouldn’t need more than one!

Phone: Remember to pack the charger too! Remember to bring an unlocked phone/device so that you can easily add a US SIM card. (Don’t forget the chargers!)

Laptops/Adapters: Remember that if you choose to bring a laptop, you will also need to bring the chargers!

All of your Documents! Need a refresher on what documents?

Hope this helps and of course, Happy Packing! It’s going to be a great experience, and now that you have the best family, all you need to do is prepare for the journey! Who wouldn’t want to wear their favorite t-shirt on their first day, or those perfect pajamas? Still have questions, contact me and I will put you in touch with a local au pair so she can help you plan for the perfect year and international wardrobe!

Thanks for reading! xo, pooja


ps. did i miss something? comment below and i am happy to add it! xo

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