Interview Questions About Driving!

Driving is a huge responsibility and it may be one of the harder things to decipher when you are interviewing Nannies and Au Pairs! I always ask families to clearly explain the number of hours the au pair will be in the car, the distances the au pair will need to drive daily, as well as locations and distances of the things she may be interested in. For example, I would tell my au pair that she is expected to be able to take the kids to school (5 minutes away with no highways), go to the grocery store (on a backroad about 10 minutes away), and take the kids to swimming (10 minutes away on the highway), and tennis lessons (4 minutes away across the street), within the first two weeks. For things she may be interested in, she can take her time practicing getting on and off two separate highways, etc.

Still, coming up with your own little road test, will help her get a clearer picture of where things are located and where she will need to drive. Au pairs can easily Google these addresses and feel more comfortable in answering your questions! To get a better picture of the Road Ahead… (see what I did there?) ask some of these questions below and you are sure to come out strong!

*What is your driving license number?
*When did you receive your license?
*Do you own a car?
*Does your family own a car?
*In whose car did you practice for your DL exam?
*When did you start practicing for your DL exam?
*When does your driving license expire?
*Have you ever driven alone in a car? How often do you do this?
*Have you driven with friends?
*Do your mother and/or father have driving licenses?
*Do your siblings (if any) have driving licenses?
*Have you looked at the X State Driving license website that I sent you?
*Do you understand the kind of questions that will be on the written test?
*What kind of cars have you driven?
*Have you ever driven a “minivan” or “van” or “SUV” type of car?
*Do you usually drive an automatic transmission or manual transmission?
*Have you ever driven a manual transmission (“Stick shift”) car? What about an automatic car?
*What is the furthest distance you have ever driven?
*What are the usual speed limits on the roads you drive on?
*What kind of bad weather have you driven in? (snow? heavy rain?)
*Have you ever driven on icy roads?
*Have you ever used a GPS navigation system?
*At home, when you need to figure out how to drive somewhere, how do you get directions?
*Have you ever gotten lost while driving? If so, what did you do?
*Have you ever been on a road trip (a driving trip to someplace far away) with a friend?
*Have you driven at night?
*How often do you drive at night?
*In your experience, how is driving at nighttime different from driving during the daytime?
*Have you ever driven with children in the car?
*Is it typical, or the law, in your country to use seatbelts?
*How often do you wear a seatbelt when driving?
*Do passengers in your car wear seatbelts?
*What do you do if a passenger in your car does not want to wear a seatbelt?
*Is it typical in your country/town to use “car seats” (baby and child restraint seats) for children?
*Have you ever put a child in a car seat?
*What would you do if you were driving with a child and the child unbuckled its seatbelt or got out of the child car seat?
*Is it illegal in your country to drink alcohol and drive a car?

For more questions to ask au pairs, check out this blog. I also have a great guide to interviewing an au pair that is a must for new and patron families! This is going to be so fun!!


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