LCCs: What exactly do I do?

Hey Y’all!

A lot of people ask exactly what I do, what are au pairs, how do I help? Well, I thought that I would dive into just that in this little post. It may be more exciting than you think!

As the Local Childcare Consultant (LCC) for Cultural Care Au Pair in San Antonio, I work from home (and sometimes Starbucks!) to service and support host families and au pairs during the course of their year together. I am a: government agent working with compliance and Au Pair visa issues, organizer of super fun events to expose and educate au pairs and their host families, a mediator with a super fancy talking stick, a diplomat (i’m switzerland, unless the au pair is from switzerland, then I am the sky.. no one owns the sky) to solve issues that arise and spread good cheer about all cultures, an advocate for everyone in the program, a cheerleader for communication and small successes, a sherpa to guide new families through the process of selecting an au pair, and best of all, an advocate for the au pair program! I love when people ask me about the Au Pair program!! I love sharing my experiences, my tips, my suggestions, and of course, helping them see if the program is right for them.

When I say that I provide year round support, I am not joking. I am available to my au pairs and families 24/7. If I am alive, I will help you! I think that is important, because service and support is everything with Cultural Care, and in a town like San Antonio where the people are sweet and the hospitality is endless, it is paramount to make sure our neighbors get the attention they deserve!

I am a source of support for my host families and au pairs throughout their year together. Challenges that do arise in a host family usually occur in the beginning weeks during an adjustment period. Therefore, it is important that I stay in close touch with new au pairs after their arrival and provide an orientation for the au pair and host family within two weeks. My host families and au pairs depend on me as a resource for information on enrolling in academic courses, the U.S. Department of State regulations, opening a bank account, obtaining a social security number, the driver’s license process and more.

I am part of a nationwide network of more than 400 Cultural Care Au Pair Local Childcare Consultants, just like me, dedicated to promoting global understanding through intercultural exchange. That’s a huge network. And although I only personally manage families in San Antonio, I am happy to help new families all over the country Match with their Mary Poppins!

I love talking to new families about hosting an au pair and how amazing the au pair program is for my family. As a community resource on alternative childcare and intercultural exchange, I can be reached at 210-960-7123, to answer any questions.


By registering on this page, rest assured that I will contact you with all the pep you can handle! Especially if there are discounts or promotions to be had, I am your girl! I’m happy to speak to you anytime, just call me at: 210-960-7123 or email me at

thanks for reading. xo, pooja

Tuesday, 2 February 2016 10:29 PM


  1. Sajeel Khaleel says:

    I’d like to see if you have any au pairs available that are in country. Also I’ve been with Great Au pair for the past 3 years but am looking to move. I’d like a promotion code as well

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